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what they're saying
See what the critics are saying about Kelly Wright's fabulous debut CD, No Secret Anymore.

> "As often happens when I am reviewing I am listening for something that connects with me or strikes me over the head in such a way as to make me stop and pay close attention and become captivated somehow. The song "Where" from Kelly Wright's release No Secret Anymore was just such a song. If I had to pick only one single from that album it would be that one."

-- Justin A. Pin-Yen, Sheheshe Music Services

> “Wright offers the evening's standout vocal on the closing ballad."

  -- David –Edward Hughes of Talkin’Broadway.com
(On Kelly’s performance in HappyPants! )

> "On a first disc, the listener can usually hear the timidity of the artist as they navigate the studio, the songs, working with a band for the first time, etc. On No Secret Anymore, all you hear is Kelly and her band having fun... with some of the last century's best songs! I can't wait to hear the sophomore CD!"

  -- Rob Reinhart, host, Acoustic Café radio program (acafe.com)
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